Day Four


this is the first version of jilted lover that we could find. jonny has terrible handwriting.

this is the first version of jilted lover that we could find. jonny has terrible handwriting.

jilted lover is a song that's nearly as old as our band is. in fact, the process of working on jilted lover was probably one of the reasons we decided to become a band, despite all of the frustrations and revisions that came with it. 

when we first started working on this song, it felt half-formed, or underdone. like when you know that a steak is going to taste great coming off the grill, but you just need to give it more time and a little bit more heat. it was a piece of rare meat that needed some love before it was palatable.

we had the chorus from the beginning, but as you can see from jonny's chicken scratch notes, we changed a lot as we kept going.  we don't really know why we kept on coming back to this song in particular, but we did.

each time we'd run into a wall with the song, we'd drop it for the time being, then come back to it the next week. we'd try out new versions of verses, or throw in some new lyrics in the chorus, or switch the form around a little. 

sometimes it felt like we weren't actually moving forward.

however, slowly but surely, our bloody hunk of red meat became a sizzling t-bone strip. (not really sure if the analogy holds up there, but let's just keep moving.)

so first, we recorded a demo of the song. you can listen to that at the top of this page, if you haven't already. we wanted to capture the song simply, like we'd played it at some acoustic shows. 

rachel recording vocals, looking kind of mad

rachel recording vocals, looking kind of mad

then, about a year later, when we started recording the ep, we wanted to show that this song could be more than an a soft acoustic ballad. we had a lot of conversations about how to make the transition from the demo to ep version, but one of the most pivotal was concerning the drums.  although we'd played the song plenty of times live, we'd never played with drums.  we knew the drums would stand as the foundation that everything was built on, so we talked a lot about what they should sound like, especially during the chorus. we had our friend and drummer, chris agimudie, run through time and time again to test out different ways to play the chorus. finally, at long last, we agreed.

so, kelly pulled out his slide for his electric guitar and we added some meat to the bones of the song.

(just a side note, kelly was the real mvp of the recording process. from electric guitar, to piano, to bass, he had his hands on pretty much every instrument and he slayed it.)

so, after recording for months, we then sent the song off to be mixed and mastered. then, with each small change made to the song (drums louder, electric softer, electric slide guitar louder), we would all listen, discuss, and send back thoughts.

more waiting. more waiting. more waiting.

then, on valentine's day 2018, we finally got to release jilted lover as the single from our ep.  it was a small taste of victory to finally share a song that we've been working on for years, even if nobody listened to it. 

but honestly, we're glad and thankful that people have listened, liked it, and have shared it.

here's the version of jilted lover that's on our ep, let you down. enjoy listening to kelly shred and be sure to check your inbox tomorrow.