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Oklahoma Indie-Folk Band Travels South 

For release the week of May 27th

After playing Oklahoma's two biggest music festivals, Oklahoma band, Cedar House, is heading to Texas to support the release of their debut EP, the "Let You Down EP". Cedar House is an independent folk trio made up of bandmates Jonny, Rachel and Kelly. They write and perform together primarily as an acoustic trio, but also play venues with a full band backing them to capture their songs in a larger sound. “Let You Down” is full of themes wrestling through stages of grief, love, loneliness, along with hope and regret, capturing the beauties and tragedies of relationships. 

Cedar House recently gained a spot in the Tulsa Hop Jam, the annual music and beer festival created by the Hanson Brothers, by competing in the opening band contest.  There music evokes references to Jason Isbell, The Civil Wars, and the National, sounding "vintage and modern, all at the same time". (Eric Alper, www.thatericalper.com)

Cedar House's Texas tour will be an intimate affair, gathering listeners in coffee shops and living rooms and  highlighting the emotional integrity of the songs from their new release.  

If you'd like to get to know the band more before you check out their show, listen their music or, better yet, listen to their podcast, Cedar House Wine Club. In each episode, the band shares a bottle of wine and gives their opinions over music, entertainment, and, of course, wine.

Cedar House-Let You Down

Let You Down EP

 Label: self-release

Genre: Indie-Folk, Rock

Hometown: Norman, OK

Influences: The Civil Wars, Noah Gunderson, Jason Isbell, David Ramirez

Website: www.cedarhousemusic.com

Contact: Rachel at 405-802-0332 or cedarhousemusic@gmail.com

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