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Now, here's the version of our song Jilted Lover, that we'll never play again. Below, I (Jonny) will share why we don't play it this way anymore...

So here's the deal, we really love playing this song and we actually played this way for a long time.  Truthfully, I really like this recording, too. So what gives? Why will we not play this version again?

For reference, here's the version that we just released:

 At first listen, you may hear a lot of differences between the demo and the version that we just released:

1) The tempo is slower

2) It's an acoustic version

3) There's no percussion

HOWEVER, the main difference that I'm talking about is the fourth verse.  (For reference, those are the last lines that I sing on this demo recording.) You'll hear the fourth verse on the demo, but it's nowhere to be found on the new release.


This was one of the first songs that we really worked on together as a band, and writing verses that worked for this chorus was a real struggle at first.  So I wrote, we wrote, then we all re-wrote and tried new ideas until finally we found these verses.

Note: I say found, because sometimes songwriting can really feel like you just stumble upon the right words.

Me and Blake listening to the demo

Me and Blake listening to the demo

Anyway, after recording this demo and then playing this song at shows, the 4th verse never felt right to Rachel, Kelly, or me.  I'd end the song with those final lines and for some reason it just never felt like it "landed" the song, or even really fit with what was happening in the rest of the song.  That may sound weird and you may disagree, but for some reason there was something in our guts that said it wasn't right. But we couldn't say for sure. I was torn.

I was so unsure that when we recorded the new version, we made sure to record a few takes of that last verse, just in case.  But the nagging thought in my mind that the last verse didn't work, or didn't belong, finally won.  It was the wise council of a much more experienced songwriter and friend who encouraged us to trust our guts.  We're all glad we did.

Thankfully for us, our co-producer, engineer, and friend, Blake Studdard (of Atria Creative), was able to pull out that last little verse and make the song what it is today.

Thanks for checking this out, and hopefully you'll enjoy listening to the rest of our Let You Down EP that released in April!  (Now that you've signed up to follow us on Spotify or email, you'll be able to see what we're up to.)

Happy listening and hope you enjoyed reading!